Legal representative: a dispute over the drafting of a paragraph in the general amnesty passed postponed to Thursday
[Where - Baghdad]
Legal Committee of Parliament, announced on Tuesday, the existence of a dispute over the legal one paragraph caused the postponement of the vote on the amnesty law to session next Thursday. "
The head of the legal committee Muhsin al - Sadoun, told a news conference attended by the correspondent of the agency all of Iraq [where] that " the general amnesty law was on the hearing last week , the agenda was the vote on three articles were postponed until today there have been agreements between the blocks on most of the paragraphs, but there is a paragraph one got a dispute over the wording so the postponement to next Thursday after being re - drafting and complete. "
he stressed that" terrorism crimes not covered by the final law and the provisions of the Central Criminal Court any of the judgment by the Court is not covered as well as] drugs, incest, kidnapping, mutilation and extortion ] , "pointing out that" issues concerning money and issues of corruption and the involvement of stealing state funds - in - law, as well as disciplinary sanctions do not include amnesty "
and pointed out that" the law if they were voting on it next Thursday , to be implemented from the moment of approval and no publication in the Journal of facts and fear of committing a crime in this period as soon as the amnesty, and committed after that crime is not covered. "
He stressed that" amnesty for Iraqis only and are not Arabs and foreigners included, was the inclusion of a paragraph of spent third period condemnation can buy what is left of condemnation ten thousand dinars a day. "
the legal Committee of the House of Representatives called for the postponement of the vote on the draft general amnesty law to the next meeting as the date for final approval.