The stability of inflation during the month of July and the annual decline by 0.4%


Central Bureau of statistics announced on Tuesday, Ministry of planning, stabilization of inflation during the last month, noting down the annual inflation rate by 0.4%, the survey did not include the provinces of Anbar, Salahuddin and Nineveh where security conditions.

And the planning Ministry spokesman Abdul Zahra Hindawi in a statement "the economy received a copy of the news," the Central Statistical Organization of the Ministry of planning July's inflation report completed 2016 based on field data collection on prices of goods and services comprising the consumer basket of selected sample of outlets in all Iraq provinces. "

Hindawi said that "these rates calculated from goods and services, including food, rent, transportation and communications, health and education, other than one owned by the consumer", stating that "inflation index for last month settled for slightly rises in 0.1%, compared with the month of June.

"The annual inflation index compared to may 2015 dwindled 0.4% per cent", explaining that "this decline was affected by lower prices for food and beverage section by 6.5%.

The survey, which was conducted during the month of July, did not include the three provinces because of the security situation in these provinces, "adding that" the provinces not covered by the price survey is Nineveh, Salahuddin, Anbar. "