Parliamentary legal: Amnesty include Iraqis and only executes from the moment of adoption

2016/8/23 13:50

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} the parliamentary legal Committee, explained that the Amnesty bill would include Iraqis only and does not apply to foreigners.

Saadun Mohsen, said the Chairman of the Committee, in a joint press conference with the members of the Committee hold the House building, your correspondent {Euphrates news}, the Amnesty bill "was included in a session last week and have been voted on three articles and has been postponed to Thursday, there were agreements between the blocks around most of the vertebrae," afterthought "but there is disagreement about the wording of one paragraph so postponed to next Thursday after done and accomplished.

"The terrorist crimes not covered by the law, and the provisions of the Central Criminal Court {any judgement before this Tribunal} is not covered, as well as drugs, incest, kidnapping, maiming and extortion", noting "as well as the involvement of stealing State funds not included in the law and disciplinary penalties.

He noted that "If the law was voted on Thursday, will be performed from the moment of its passage and not when published in a newspaper, for fear of committing a crime in this period," he explained, "once the pardon of commits a crime after it is covered.

Saadun stressed that "amnesty to Iraqis only and does not include Arabs and foreigners", stating "when inserted that he spent one third of a sentence can buy a third of a left with ten thousand dinars per day."

And for the House of representatives during the meeting, the vote on the Amnesty bill to end on Thursday.