Jaafari: Kuwaiti aid to Iraq and to postpone debt represents a love letter to the Iraqi people

Ibrahim al - Jaafari met with Iraqi Foreign Minister, on Tuesday, a number of senior Kuwaiti journalists , headed by Kuwaiti Journalists Association Director Adnan Rashid, and the presence of Professor pro - Lami of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate head of the Arab Journalists Union, and members of the Bar Council.
Jaafari stressed that the Iraqi-Kuwaiti cooperation paints a new page, and turn the course of diplomatic relations for the good of the region and good for the world; because Kuwait has the weight of the Gulf, and Arabic, and a global, adding: Iraq emerging country, and will exceed its current crisis, and conquers the gangs Daesh terrorist with the help of his brothers, and his brothers who fought on their behalf.
Jaafari between: We and Kuwait more than brothers, we always hope that Nnattv tracks events including us forget history errors, but the sins of history that took place with Kuwait and Iraq during the dictatorship that ruled Iraq invaded Kuwait, and to take the media role in strengthening the bridges of trust between the two brotherly peoples.
Explained that the Kuwaiti aid for Iraq, and the postponement of debt represents a love letter to the Iraqi people, we are facing a new generation is looking to climb the pyramid building strong bilateral relations, the common economy and common respect between us and Kuwait 's sovereignty.
Jaafari stressed that terrorism Think before you have behaved, pointing out that the blow has a theory allows him human was killed, and the violation of its sanctity, calling to say: I call upon my brothers the people of science and knowledge , especially the media to put the equivalent of a media offense, a media peace, love, and trust between us and others, adding: must faces journalists, and sail ship Hraaha common points, and stop the bloodshed name of Islam, and Islam is innocent, and disclosed by saying: media , which aspire to him who speaks boldly without dare it, and put his hand on the problems, and suffering, and solutions.