Commercial service» maximize the financial resources of the state

8/23/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al - Tamimi Tgb continuing research by the concerned economic affairs for the best mechanisms to maximize state resources and reduce dependence on oil revenues, trade and service, a new proposal aimed at doubling the financial revenue Tsthsalha state - of - service departments and the municipality through the development of an evening time offers the service in exchange for wages high for families that have an income high, in line with the budget law.

achieved revenues president of the National business Council David Abdul Zayer said: «financial distress leads us to look for outlets can achieve high revenues of the state for services provided for the segments of affordable», pointing to the importance of adopting the idea of commercial service , which means the provision of services to citizens in return for a fee to be higher than that offered in the traditional working through the introduction of an evening time on this matter, noting that this approach leads to the achievement of many positives , including the elimination of career sag , which is a burden on the state, and the elimination of corruption.

processing momentum noted in an interview with «morning» that many departments provide services to citizens and continuously circles civil Status and Passport book reverse and municipal services and departments judiciary, customs, banks and others, and you find sometimes long lines to pay off various receivables.

He said the possibility of the development of commercial service to address the momentum and raise fiscal revenue to large limits, explaining that this service is supported in most countries of the world, and that large numbers of citizens prefer the existence of this service that Ngnehm for the payment of bribes in some circles.

amounts high , said Zayer: the commercial service can earn high amounts of the state and start of service Statistics to large and medium - sized investments and contracts for mining and explorations of the geological survey of sand, gravel and decades of government rents and Almsatahat, taxes and the Registrar of companies as well as contracts, stressing that the budget law allows in this matter, and also will be part of the paragraphs of the budget next year.

processing slack and pointed out that most of the circuits suffer from the presence of cadres and functional flaccid and redundant in many cases , it can always be two first matinee and the second evening, and so we have tackled the subject of career sag and raised the level of services offered to citizens, as well as we relaxed momentum for the day shift.

double benefit and the possibility of managers Seen always morning and aides in consistently evening and so we have created a high flow of work, especially that in Iraq many holidays may contribute to the rising momentum on government departments and this is one of the recipes for this therapy, which achieves double benefit.

He concluded Zayer his speech by saying: that Iraq needs to regulate all aspects of work and adoption of sophisticated methods promote economic productivity and service sectors experiencing considerable disruption due to negligence for decades, pointing out that Iraq is a rich country to possess a lot of natural resources and human resources that can be achieved sustainable development.

wait tax turn, the specialist in economic affairs Ahmed expensive: the wait tax term depends in many countries of the developed world, and the means to pay wages high compared to the provision of services in certain smoothly times of high, pointing out that Iraq is desperate to adopt this kind of services, especially that many recipients prefer quick service.