Calls for activating the investment law

8/23/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD Farah pumice

said economist that Iraq is one of the most attractive locations for foreign investment and local, to the presence of a great need for large investment projects to promote the reality service and economic, so it urges the importance of activating the investment rate law properly.

Expert Adel Abu loaf noted that the Investment Law No. (13) rate provides a number of advantages and privileges and facilities to the foreign investor for gobbling to Iraq, as well as its focus on encouraging private investment and promote the development and training of human cadres and develop the skills to be able to achieve effective economic growth in Iraq.

He also stressed that the reconstruction of infrastructure and payment reconstruction project on credit will contribute to attracting international companies will promote the reality service and cultural landmarks in the country, especially as a lot of international companies , pending investment service and achieve the benefit of both sides.

He said the Iraq environment attractive for foreign investment and need big projects for the advancement of its present service and get the economy moving, where he sees that these ingredients need to activate the laws involved in the investment process, what makes an investor able to enter projects in Iraq without retreat or fear of the loss of his money.

He Abu loaf that foreign investment is divided into two parts, namely the foreign indirect investment which is mostly speculative operations in the domestic stock markets of the country invested in it, being a short - term operations controller, either foreign direct investment , it is a set up projects (residential, commercial, industrial) in the host country.

and knows foreign investment: that the net inflows of investment to acquire a lasting administration (the equivalent of 10 percent or more of Almtemtah shares the right to vote in an enterprise operating in an economy that is the investor 's economy) , which is the sum of equity and revenue money reinvested and other than the head of a long - term capital, as well as short - term, as is the case in the balance of payments.