Parliamentary Finance: approve the budget of the International Monetary conditions, including the tax increases
{Baghdad} Euphrates News said the parliamentary finance committee member Ahmed al-Haj, said that the general budget for 2017 will be approved next in according to the terms of the International Monetary Fund.
He said al - Haj, told {Euphrates News}, " is required to pass the budget in accordance with the timetables set by the law of financial management and public debt," he said . "At present , although there 's an agreement between the IMF and the government, we must abide by it."
He pointed out that " I of the Convention item, refers to the preparation of the budget under the conditions prepared by the international Monetary Fund, which include the lack of expenditure and increase revenue, and revisit the high salaries, as well as increase the tax base and the multiplicity of taxes. "
He added Haj" and has discussed the draft budget bill in the House Ministers and will be sent to the House of Representatives by the time timings on the tenth of next October and requires parliament to 50 days to study them and then approval into law and become legally effective for the government. "
he stressed , " There are no taxes on fuel within the budget.
the international Monetary Fund stipulated in last May, during the Convention , which provides for the granting Iraq a loan preliminary exceed $ 5 billion, to impose strict controls on the doors of disbursement of the loan, and full salary and allowances subjected to state officials, and grades functional supreme, and private, to income tax.
while not include conditions permit stamped on the ration cards, nor salaries of social protection network, and not the government provided subsidies for Nazhan.anthy R.