Abdul-Mahdi: the founding of the national oil and gas company a key step for reform
{Baghdad} Euphrates News saw the former oil minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, the importance of establishing national oil and gas company returned them a key step for reform.

She said Abdul - Mahdi said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that "The oil ministry has been active in 2015 to work on the preparation of the draft law. I have written in the 1/31/2016 editorial stating:" because the ministry and the bureaucracy can not manage an important economic sector and complex and volatile sectors such as oil, has to do with national and international companies and competition and rapid technological change and markets overseas, and because that 's what it was the case in Iraq, before it merges decision of the dissolved Revolutionary command Council in 1987, the Iraqi national oil company and the law ministry law .. there effort make and alter to return to the normal situation, the ministry to play a supervisor and strategic role, in contrast to back national company and its subsidiaries to manage the activities of the sector, as is the case for the mother , such as "ARAMCO" Saudi companies, "NIOC" Iran, and "ADNOC" Abu Dhabi, and " KPC "Kuwait," SOCAR "Azeri .. but that China -albuld Alachtraki- runs sector by state - owned companies, not by the Ministry did not exist."
He continued , "we see the importance of the new foundation include the key number of objectives that the company be owned by each Iraqi people in line with the constitutional text: oil and gas belongs to the Iraqi people in all its regions and its provinces .. and go some to interpret that Malkiya state is applying for Malkiya people is half the explanation .. right from him that the company will be owned by the state through Malkiya people in the public domain, and half wrong, that state ownership is a non - public ownership in terms of "right holder" and make the ownership of the state and public property one thing is the remnants of the erroneous application of socialism, which extended the rights and properties Other I want the whole state ownership reduced ..
he stressed that " to be company for oil and gas , so as to give importance to the wealth of gas , which will grow by the day. And help the company invest energy sources Other, and enter Iraq in the world of modern technologies for the production of oil and gas and renewable wealth more environmentally friendly to ensure the future of energy in our country. "
He added , " must include the incorporation of the Company and its subsidiaries provincial rights {and territories also} to ensure a fair distribution wealth, and equitable for local residents and local governments. This is on the one hand and on the other hand , that establishes a relationship of "brilliance" emphasized by the Constitution in the article "112" between local governments and the federal government. "
He said , " Last but not least, the company and its subsidiaries are generating major economic renaissance in excess oil , and gas sector, and the application oil logo in exchange for reconstruction and development .. to stop the killer track in the growing dependence on oil, that is what is called "Dutch disease" .. it has historical experience revealed the success of the experience of "reconstruction Council , " where the oil money go directly to the reconstruction and construction, and the failure of the takeover state money, which ruined the economy and the girl an economy of war a consumer Rieia flabby bureaucrat. "
and Abdel Mahdi said" The ministry and other satellite channels several research centers held seminars, and have submitted proposals and initial drafts based on the 97/1967 law , which abolished law 11 / 1964. It is essential modifications its proposal represents a full coup philosophy vassals and ownership of oil and gas wealth, I put hoping that enjoys debate and enrichment required, which is contained in the second article in one of the drafts that the company is established under this law and enjoying legal personality and eligibility whole to achieve its objectives .., and resources of the company and its assets king the Iraqi people in all its regions and its provinces. "
" also , every Iraqi is subject to the tax system of the Iraqi {considered exempt and minor subject} inside or outside Iraq an equal share in the N value of the sale or inheritance. "
felt Abdul - Mahdi , the need for the" House of Representatives recognizes the allocated percentage for distribution to shareholders in a special substance contained in the state budget every year .. law that increases the final amount distributed per share for the poverty line. The transformation of private money for shareholders to beneficiaries through funds or individual accounts or collective open in public and private banks, noting that "after expenses and dividends discount on members of the Iraqi people under the federal tax, is the company 's profits as a whole tax and Warda final Iraqi treasury" .anthy