Barzani to continue the confrontation until the fall of the Maliki

22/04/2012 14:19
This battle began with al-Maliki, although, in fact, not a battle against the Kurds on their own al-Maliki, but started to look on the face of a conflict between the Kurds and Maliki is clearly portrayed as a dispute between Maliki and Barzani.

If they got us out of all the parties to this equation from the forces of international and regional of this conflict, and excluded the differences and conflicts between the parties behind the equations, and we look at the matter on its own as a problem internal Iraqi, that the issue merited entering the Kurds in the battle of similar, particularly that Iraq had not yet reached the stage of determining true identity despite the lapse of nine years in the fall of the Baathist regime in the country, Iraq has not settled his mind with respect to a return to dictatorship or adopt a multi-parliamentary, in the sense that the fall of Saddam Hussein and his regime has not achieved any assurances with regard to the country's return to autocracy and dictatorship again, assurances not to impose centralized itself in the country will not be achieved once the constitution defines the political map on the basis that Iraq is a federal and parliamentary, and building the new Iraq with the participation of its various components (Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds) and the distribution of positions in the state, did not send signals indicating lack of However, the authorities gathered on one side.

In the sense that the fall of Saddam and his regime did not constitute a lesson after him, the Constitution did not provide any guarantees, and the participation of Iraqi factions in the government did not provide protection for Iraqis from dictatorship to them again.

So the point of what has worked the past nine years to drag Iraq back to the authority of a different appearance and attributes, but are governed by individual and dictatorship.

If the vision of building a police state does not remain at the thought of Iraq, and the tides, who witnessed this trend during the past nine years has been associated conditions and developments of domestic and regional and international is to leave a direct impact on the country, we see the impact on the conditions of the shadow of dictatorship phenomenon in others appear and disappear.

After the U.S. withdrawal and the openness of the Iraq conflict regional powers, leaving the door open for Iraq this trend, where we are now seeing signs of chilling in this context.

If from here is the duty of the Kurds as a people seeks freedom and struggled in the past against the dictatorship in Iraq and make a river of blood in order to end this dictatorship, a battle to uproot dictatorship because, as I mentioned at the beginning of the article, the dictatorship in Iraq is not over the fall of Saddam's regime, orientation and conflicts now suggest that Armageddon between the rule of the individual and pluralism in victory or the end of al-Maliki means proving the identity of Iraq, which means that the fall of al-Maliki will be the beginning step to ensure that the return of dictatorship to Iraq again, and will be followed by al-Maliki in power will understand very well that the abandonment of the principle of democracy, pluralism, the real would mean dismissal, so the fight against al-Maliki and democratic duty for the Iraqis for freedom, which is a national duty and national of the Kurds.

Maliki is now walking in the footsteps of Saddam, has stepped up its efforts to control the important positions in the state, while still the ministries of defense and interior of three years without a minister and two under the direct control of the owners, at a time of tightened control over the security services and intelligence and the Iraqi Media Network, which works frighteningly on arming the Iraqi army, which was associated with him.

These visible signs of the presence of mentality in the individual judgment, not the two characters can be found in Iraq to occupy the ministries of interior and defense?, If the answer to (Yes), the best partition of Iraq.

As regards the problem of the Kurds and how to treat al-Maliki with it to solve it, it returns the same scenario Baathist who read a statement of 11 March 1970, between the Kurds and the central government in Baghdad, then, has pledged to Maliki during the first session of his prime minister in the paragraph of the 22 of the statement of his government's implementation of Article 140 of the constitution within a period of time before that eludes them, while in the second session of his prime minister has agreed to the demands of the Kurdish paper of 19 points in the Erbil Convention, but he returned and carried out the opposite of what was in it.

The Supreme Iraqi Criminal Tribunal issued its judgment in the five case files of less importance for the Kurds about the importance of Article 140 of the Constitution that were not more important than the files (Faili Kurds, the genocide of the Barzanyen, ethnic cleansing operations, the Anfal, Halabja), and the court ordered al-Maliki the implementation of what is stated, however, eludes the implementation of what came in, because those files associated with Erd.

In the end I knew the Iraqi High Tribunal those files as crimes of genocide, which was approved by the Iraqi Council of Representatives later, came in the decisions made by the Court with respect to those files that "have to compensate the victims of such operations", which was not implemented Maliki any paragraph of it so far, but the decisions made by the Court in the files associated with Shia, each knows what to do al-Maliki for it.

That were not all the facts above are correct, and were just accusations from us for the owners, there is the fact that al-Maliki and the two have at the head of the Iraqi cabinet was unable to balance the public of the country with a volume of U.S. $ 100 billion to provide clean water and electricity to its citizens, not worthy of is dropped for that reason?.

From here I turn to the Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani, as some media and media channels showing the current crisis as a battle between Barzani and Maliki, and I have expressed in a previous article I view with respect to this expression I do not see a need in the above, but after Barzani's visit to the United States to make al-Maliki all political and diplomatic efforts in Iraq in order not to receive Barzani in Washington, for Barzani not to pay attention to the charges against him at the Battle of the current, as it he must not back down and continue this battle until the fall of al-Maliki, then the battle in the content is a battle against a new dictatorship, the rights of the Kurds to install and set limits to any person beyond the Kurdish border, and is shown the current situation as a battle against Barzani Maliki at a time component supports the Sunni and the Kurds and the Shia section of the Barzani in that battle.

Moqtada al-Sadr has the largest position among the Shiites, will arrive during the next few days to Arbil, as he declared by his position of this equation, standing in front against al-Maliki, in the year tends in general and the Kurdish street to the position of the chest.

Yesterday linking the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the source of the problems in Iraq and the crisis of sectarian policy of exclusivity to the Maliki, and the number of Arab countries to stand up against the positions of Maliki in the equations of regional, as seen most of the West to the future of al-Maliki into suspicion, so you should not drop in This battle, by the removal of al-Maliki.

I am sure that al-Maliki feels threats of these confrontations, and sure he will try to calm and restore the situation to what it was, but Barzani should not agree to waste time discussing the survival of Maliki.