Nasraoui: achievement in electricity Ministry failed file achieved

2016/8/22 17:13

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Basra Governor Majid Nasraoui, the Basra electricity file achievement MEW could not done anywhere in Iraq, noting that "the province achieved 20 hours of electricity over the next three months and up to 24 hours."

Nasraoui said in a statement for {Euphrates radio} "tanker lines imported by MEW no conservative."

"The Governor wishes to complete reading the Basrah project," economic capital "ready maintenance project acceptance without financial side and keep ready for full financial affairs."

He concluded by saying "that he would not run for the next election promising complete files concerning projects before the end of the current session.

Nasraoui said that "there are political parties want to impose their will on the Visual," citizen and Basra police commander and security leaders could not collude with them and kill them and arrest criminals.

It is said that Nasraoui had confirmed earlier local government spending over a billion and a half dollars on electricity projects, including a plan to decipher electric jams in the province and have been sent to Baghdad.

Governor of Basra was Majid Nasraoui, had called earlier by Prime Minister Haider Abadi, for the purpose of securing financial receivables to warships of the Turkish energy that feeds electricity to the province.

It is said that, Turkish warships docked at ports of energy {Khor Zubair, um Qasr, Abu flus}, Basra, resumed on 28 June last, work to provide energy conservation after a hiatus due to the accumulation of debt.