Salahuddin Governor declares open government offices in China on Tuesday

2016/08/22 16:47

Long-Presse / h arrived religion

Said Salahuddin Governor Ahmed Abdullah al-Jubouri, on Monday, opening government offices in the area of ​​China north of Tikrit (170 km north of Baghdad), on Tuesday, and while noting the return of displaced families to hand will be next week, ministries, international organizations and students to pay attention to the suffering the affected areas.

Jubouri said in an interview with (long-Presse), "Today we visit, the Chinese side to pursue a campaign to clean up and rehabilitate the areas, and Baaja salty south of Baiji," noting that "tomorrow, Tuesday will be the opening of an alternative headquarters for all services, health and security departments and the local council of Chinese hand to proceed with its business and the return of normal life to them. "

He called al-Jubouri, "all ministries and international organizations to pay attention to the suffering of the affected areas and begin reconstruction campaigns service, health and educational projects and give favorable consideration to the plight of most of the displaced families who lost their homes due to terrorist and military operations."

The administration of Salahuddin province, launched Sunday (12 August 2016), a campaign to clean up and restore services to the Chinese side areas north of Tikrit (170 km north of Baghdad), began with the lifting of earth mounds and open roads.

The Salah al-Din administration announced on Thursday (18 August 2016), the Cabinet approval of the popular crowd, the return of the Chinese people of the area west of the province, (170 km north of Baghdad), meals, unexpected displacement of more than a quarter of a million people from Mosul when starting the process of editing.