Central Bank: class {100} 000 printed and waiting for the right time to ask

2016/8/22 12:00

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} announced the Central Bank printing and designing a model for class {100} 000, noting that on the market leaves while choosing the right time for her.

The Bank Adviser, said Waleed Idi's {Euphrates news}, on Monday, that "the {100} 000 creative printed her model and we will choose the time for placing on the market".

"Put it on the market to help stimulate the economy through commercial transactions between traders and exchanges between companies, as well as the class {100} a storage and easy pregnancy and designed along the lines of international currency if that high level security system it is difficult to falsify.

"Put it on the market requires, inter alia, promotional campaign to learn about, and being tied or approximating the {100} us dollars."

Idi Amin said that "the decision is left to the Bank's Board and province, on the relationship, on for trading in the market."

REI specialists believed that the Central Bank issued coin of 100 thousand dinars class comes to control the construction of monetary policy kept pace with economic conditions experienced by Iraq was over