Iraq issued new shipments of liquid gas and Mktvath

2016/8/22 11:14

[Where - Baghdad]

The Oil Ministry announced on Monday, new export two shipments of liquid gas through the southern ports in Basra province.

The agent said the oil ministry for the gas industry Hamid Younis said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "The ministry has uploaded and export tankers of the first liquid gas quantity of 1601 tons and the second has been downloaded B1534 tons as well as download and export another tanker of gas condensate The amount reached 21,842 cubic meters. "

He said the agent, "The Ministry is keen on continuing the flow of gas and liquid condensate in excess of the local need for international markets, according to the existing method of gas by the oil marketing company SOMO]."

It is said that the Oil Ministry announced on 30 July export two shipments new liquid and gas condensate gas through the southern ports in Basra has also on 22 July the export of second shipment of liquid gas quantity of 1600 tons, as well as exported fifth shipment quantity of 24 000 cubic meters of gas condensate.

The Oil Ministry announced, July 2, 2016, the first shipment of liquefied gas through a dedicated port for the export of gas in the province of Basra, while suggesting it is in the process of implementing a strategic plan aimed at ending the phenomenon associated with the extraction of oil gas flaring by 2018.

The Oil Ministry announced on 20 March 2016 the export of the first shipment of surplus for the local need of gas condensate [Alkondnci] by a Panamanian tanker, and then export the four other shipments through the oil marketing company SOMO.