Kurdish forces launch an offensive to expel the Syrian army from Hasaka

Twilight News / People's Protection Units Kurdish launched a major offensive on Monday to grab the last government-controlled areas in the northeastern Syrian town of Hasaka after an appeal to the pro-government factions to surrender, according Kurdish forces and residents said.
They said the Kurdish forces began the attack after midnight to control the starchy area located north east of the city and near a security complex site near the governor's office, near the heart of the city. The People's Protection Units had seized earlier in the Guerran is the only Arab neighborhood, which is still in the hands of the government. The fighting that broke out last week in Hasaka divided into subject areas for the Kurds and the other belonging to the Syrian government the most violent confrontation between the People's Protection Units Kurdish and Damascus since the outbreak of the war five years ago. The Syrian army sent warplanes against the main Kurdish armed group for the first time during the war last week, prompting the coalition that led the United States to send aircraft to protect the special operations of US ground forces. The People's Protection Units Kurdish campaign led by the United States against al-Islamic state in Syria and controlled areas of the north of the country where Kurdish groups formed their own administration since the start of the Syrian war in 2011 substrate. And it accused the state media Syrian linked units to protect the people of the Kurdish security force known as the "Asayish" of violating the cease-fire and said that its members burned government buildings in Gsh. And it accused the media Asayish ignite violence through an escalation of provocations, including the bombing of military sites in Gsh She said that the Asayish are aiming to take over the city. Denied People's Protection Units Kurdish entered into a truce. And distributed leaflets and calls were made over loudspeakers across the city asked the members of the army and pro-government factions to surrender their weapons or face death.