Vice calling on the government to withdraw the amnesty law and the postponement of approval
[Where - Baghdad]
called an MP for the National Alliance , Samira al - Moussawi, on Sunday, to withdraw the amnesty law and not submitted until after Thaoh suitable ground for approval, "calling for a " referendum religious authorities is permissible to vote on this law and will result in social consequences. "
According to al - Musawi said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that "the government withdraw the law for the purpose of proper preparing the ground for approval, especially that of the Iraqi community are afraid of it, and refuse to pushing people outlaws them, in light of the security situation is enduring and growing number of crimes which foretells a great catastrophe month stares in the country. if what has been firing those released "
She continued , " Why do we proceed to achieve national reconciliation through the adoption of a general amnesty, why do not we start reconciliation through the adoption of laws that predispose a suitable ground for the adoption of this law in order to protect society from serious damage which will inflict it if it was passed under the security deterioration. "
She stressed , " We respect the political agreements that included the adoption of the amnesty law , but these agreements do not rise above the law and the Constitution , and there are fears of it, which is forbidden in Islam. "
and asked , " what is the use of work security services, the judiciary and the effort that Abzlouna every day if they are released criminals then? usually it undermines the rule of law and the protection and promotion of the corrupt. "
and called for political blocs and any other party claiming the existence of innocent people to submit names for the purpose of re - investigated research Bmelvadtha through the Commission achieved pose for this purpose , "warning of the circulation of the subject, it is impossible to have prisoners all of whom are innocent."
failed the House of Representatives last week by passing the draft general amnesty law for not agreed upon and the withdrawal of deputies of the National Alliance of the meeting to the presence of notes on it.
parliament voted only on three articles of the law author of 13 articles, and postponed a vote on the rest of the material in the next Tuesday 's meeting.
he announced Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, said the government " will challenge the general amnesty law, if approved , with the changes made ​​by the House of Representatives."
legal Committee of Parliament confirmed that the amnesty law , it does not include non - Iraqi prisoners and convicts from Arabs and foreigners.