The execution of 36 convicted Spyker massacre in Nassiriya prison
{Baghdad} Euphrates News said an official source at the central prison in Nasiriyah, said on Sunday that the Ministry of Justice carried out this morning the death sentence for 36 convicted in the massacre of Spyker.
The source noted that the implementation of the verdicts, was attended by the Minister of Justice Haider Zamili, and representatives of the local government in the province , as well as with Aldhaaan noting that " the number of convicts put to death was 36 convicted."
He stressed that "the death sentences gained a degree of deterministic and were approved by the presidency of the Republic. "
the presidency announced on 14 August of this, for the President Fuad Masum authentication on all death sentences imposed on those convicted of a crime Spyker.
claimed the presidency on the ninth of August, the provisions of the special crime camp {Spyker deterministic execution files }, noting that the death sentences for this crime had been approved by the Federal Court of Cassation after issuance of the criminal courts competent. According to a presidential statement.
The Central Criminal Court in Baghdad, issued in February provision requires the execution {40} convicted after testing their involvement in the crime of Spyker.
The headbands, Daesh terrorist proceeded in June 2014, to commit the most horrible massacre in modern history , killing more {1700} of an Iraqi soldier in the Spyker base in Salahuddin province.
discovered after clearing {Tikrit , Salah al - Din province} set of mass graves , which included the remains of slain soldiers in the middle of the presidential palaces Tkirc.anthy