Abdul-Mahdi: 2017 budget will seek to impose more fees and taxes
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} saw the oil minister, the former leader of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, Adel Abdul Mahdi, "The 2017 budget will increase slightly from 100 trillion dinars, and seeking to impose more fees, taxes and Almsthslat, and the growing reliance on debt both internal and external, and the deficit exceeded 30% expenses.
She said Abdul - Mahdi said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today , "must praise the efforts of the Ministry of Finance and its Minister on the seriousness and provide 2017 budget early Unlike in previous experiments, and what caused the delay of confusion and damage, as well as the courage to be admitted many reformist materials to reduce waste and improve the levies and adoption real expenditure for 2015 and reducing the staff and representations and deputations , wherever possible, and to stop the angel movement, except for a few exceptions, and strive to provide additional resources, and work is possible to help the provinces and economic activities, etc. "
He continued , " The proposed budget does not differ much from previous budgets Baaoppea known shortcomings .. it balancing items is keen to enter the treasury resources more of it to achieve the additional resources of the national economy. the budget , which will increase slightly from 100 trillion dinars, seeking to impose more fees, taxes and Almsthslat, and the growing reliance on debt both internal and external, and the deficit exceeded 30% of expenditures. tell someone what to do and oil prices , the seven months past were at a rate of almost $ 32, and with the export rates, the oil resources will not only cover almost half of the operational .. therefore ,financial adopted pricier conservative and realistic at the rate of $ 35 a barrel, and the rate of exports 3.880 M.b.a {including Kirkuk exports and the region 550 thousand barrels / day} .. the increase from the previous year by 280,000 b / d will depend on just the center and the south. "
" and so we reiterate that the country, despite the crisis, is not ready to change the philosophy of relying on oil, debt, deficit, and impose more from taxes and fees on citizens and interests. The big question is, how We are paying off the debt that the continued decline in oil prices? And how you will pay the citizens, businesses and interests more taxes and fees that there was no national economy provides employment and incomes that are not state - funded economic activities and the profits that can bear the burden of the citizens and the economy, the Treasury and relief as well? The economy overheated in the cultivation, manufacture and services and infrastructure and Saahth and its banks .. and the unemployed is increasing with population growth .., war and displaced people and the reconstruction of the devastated areas all require more money , which will be able to oil, debt, deficit and levies provided? It is true that this affair of state and society as a whole, but Finance can play a key role in the reform through fiscal policies, including the budget. "
He noted that " priority should put all the financial tools to stimulate the national economy in the real sectors, not to provide resources for the Treasury , first and foremost. For example , lets say for a simple difference between Nzertin. There are, for example , an emphasis on increasing the tariff religious tourism feature .. The question is : We have had a serious study of what will be achieved for the Treasury, and for the national economy, if canceled tariffs or reduced? .. Maybe it will show that the number of visitors will double .. and will double the incomes of the country .. and you'll Iraqi interests, civil and governmental , of labor and fees directly and indirectly, markets, hotels, restaurants, transportation companies and products, etc., more money than the total contained for visas may be, in addition to supply a version features the expenses and the opening of consulates, and to provide exaggerated features of Iraqis when reciprocity. "
He stressed the need to " balance the interest and damage the treasury and the economy as a whole in any action. And we, when we demand more Bjpayat and deductions that we have been born already a natural source for obtaining the money, contributing to the revitalization of the economy, increase revenues and profits on the one hand, and the alleviation of unemployment and supplement the budget with real money on the other. This is a simple example, there are dozens or even hundreds of examples, which can be financial, monetary and economic policy, that caused to achieve real economic goals, not oil, debt, deficit, or in addition balanced her, including flows into the budget , real and sustainable with money, not money truncated, costly and not guaranteed.
"Concluded by saying , "this is a quick observations, with the pre - adhesion there is no room only approving the budget with some modifications formal .. At this time we do not have a quick alternative to another .. there are functional and political and popular awareness of capture by the philosophy of " rentier economy and the economy - oriented, "and get rid of it, It requires a societal and governmental and structural and legislative preparations much time required to prepare the run - up to the budget, and this is not the responsibility of just one hand, but also the responsibility of all decision - making centers in the state and society mainly ".anthy http://alforatnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=125239