The reconstruction of the affected towns between international loans and corruption

8/22/2016 0:00

Ali Hassan al - Fawwaz
Talk about the reconstruction of the cities affected by terrorism will be the next phase address, or perhaps turn into an arena for conflicts interests of many political forces, if corruption was long a lot of files, the reconstruction file may face a mafia corruption, influenced Baltjazbat which swells every day in the Iraqi political scene.

This Maystdei work to find mechanisms and controls blocks the road to corrupt, and linking reconstruction rigorous regulatory system program, to ensure the completion of projects, and within specific time limits, especially that most of the funds to be allocated for reconstruction will come through loans from European countries It is the international Monetary Fund or the German development Bank and others, which means linking Iraq benefits repayments of these loans.

Many countries declared their willingness to support Iraq in the reconstruction of the cities affected by terrorism źDaesh╗ means connecting the reconstruction plans are clear, and the coordination between the views of the Iraqi government international oversight, because what happened in the past years requires new measures and policies are not subject to the trends of some of those found in the (national capital) an opportunity for the enrichment of Muharram, and the corruption and money laundering against the disabled most of the projects that have been contracted to implement them.

What announced by Abdul Basit Turki Prime reconstruction Fund the affected area for the promise of a loan from the German development Bank and other Islamic banks enter in this context, out of the need for Iraq 's political and economic interests, and the nature of the show good disposition of money that will be allocated for this great human side, as well as the development of economic relations with many countries and the direction of opening up new prospects for cooperation and investment in multiple fields.

Modern Prime reconstruction fund for this loan comes as a continuation with the program prepared by the Fund in cooperation with many countries for the purpose of reconstruction of the cities affected by terrorism źDaesh╗, stressing that Germany and Japan have shown their willingness to contribute actively in the reconstruction of liberated areas from the control of the organization źDaesh╗, as the Federal Republic of Germany will provide a loan of 500 million euros, as well as Japan 's contribution in this regard, which will be agreed upon during the international conference to support the stability and the humanitarian situation of the displaced people in the US capital Washington.

The success of Iraq in the reconstruction work management will be ushered in a new phase, and according to a regulatory mechanisms that promote the reconstruction process in other areas, as well as earning the banks and states confidence towards the development path and commercial banking relationships, to ensure Iraq 's vast areas of Amran and development, and to overcome a lot of the contract and Almkarh They suffered because of the terrorist acts and the control of źDaesh╗ on some cities, and states that the Islamic development Bank has announced it last March for the bank 's readiness to contribute to the reconstruction and rehabilitation of areas affected by terrorism, which means the need for a realistic programs uncensored, and enforceable, and far about the influence of the corrupt who have their corruption turned into a serious social phenomenon, and it has psychological and developmental effects on future generations and cemented the political process and protected.

Iraq has lived since 2014 an exceptional situation dangerous because of the dominance źDaesh╗ on many cities, and Metrkh done significant damage reflected on the migration of thousands of people out of their cities, and subjected those cities to damage hostilities and Altfajaj and destruction, especially in cities such as Fallujah and Salahuddin, gray, Nineveh , and some areas of Diyala, as well as damage , some areas in Baghdad by the terrorist bombings in markets and streets.

Hence the the importance of meeting the challenges that may face reconstruction program and re - displaced, the logistical level, and the level of employment of international bank loans in the context of ensuring guaranteed first, and puts them far from the adventures of the corrupt, and so far from what is called the economic bodies of some political parties, which is another face of corruption and selfishness money year.