Finance parliamentary meeting held on Sunday described the PAL [capacitor] Bhoudormmthlee Central Bank to remedy the decline in the dinar

Saturday, April 21 / April 2012 19:05
[Baghdad - where] Revealed the parliamentary finance committee member Najiba Najib's intention to convene a meeting of the Committee and described as "intense" on Sunday attended by representatives of the Iraqi Central Bank to remedy the height of the financial crisis of the value of the dollar against the dinar. Said Najib told all of Iraq [where] the day, that "the Commission is seeking a meeting tomorrow to find out the reasons for the imbalance that led to the increase of the value of the dollar against the dinar," indicating that "the central bank is required to provide the main points of a bug that affected the economic reality of Iraq is a negative recently. "

The controversy was raised about the causes of decline in value of the dinar and the high value of the dollar in the last period, and carried some of the parties, the central bank responsible for fall of the Iraqi currency due to the fact that the central bank is preparing the Iraqi market, local, including needs of the dollar, which means that the issue of height of the dinar and the decline will depend on what posed of the dollar, while the Iraqi Central Bank attributed the reasons for the low exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar in local markets, to the high demand for it greatly, saying in a statement that the rise bubble will disappear gradually. Observers believe that the reason for the high price of the dollar due to the economic sanctions imposed on the two neighboring countries of Iraq, Iran and Syria, which led to the popularity of buying dollars from the Iraqi market has increased the dollar exchange rate of 1166 dinars according to central bank rate of 1300 dinars in the market. / End 2.