Bank shares declined after Iraq index 3 Heights

21 Aug 2016 04:52 pm

Live: market general index slipped Iraq stock exchange at the end of trading Sunday, under pressure from bank stocks after rising for three consecutive sessions.

Dipped 0.39% of th year at close 564.16 points loser 2.22 points from Thursday's hearing levels.

Impact indicator Friday with banks; sagged 3 top Al-Mansour Bank tops the holdouts today by 4.08 percent, as business Bay Bank fell 2.44 percent, and Investment Bank dropped 1.75%, while International Bank of Assyria rose 3.33 percent, and trading volume activity arrow 86.7 million shares.

And varied services today, declining 0.47 percent and real world rises Karkh games arrow 0.17%, high value activity today about 75.65 million dinars.

Today's turnover rose to 19.28 billion shares, compared to 8.42 billion shares in the previous session, trading value rose to 13.54 billion dinars compared with 5.91 billion dinars Thursday.