Four Kurdish clarifications on Mosul battle

Sunday, August 21, 2016 4:57 AM

Arbil/ Iraq TradeLink:

The Kurdish Presidency reiterated that the liberation of Mosul city is one of its priorities clear the city from the clutches of Da'ish (ISIS) organization.

In a clarification of the current news and media information of the role of Kurdistan and the Peshmarga forces in the coming war, the Presidency pointed that the war against Da'ish will have the main priority, pointing that the Peshmarga forces implemented its duties during the past two years and managed to "destroy" the image of Da'ish organization.

The Presidency stressed the "necessity" to have political post-Da'ish agreements among the components of Nineveh province in order "not to repeat previous incidents and disseminate trust among all".

On the role of the Peshmarga forces, the Presidency confirmed its abidance with the promises and agreements reached with the Iraqi government and the international coalition, pointing that any "future agreement" should only be limited to these three parties.

On the other hand, Duhuk province is preparing facilities to receive more of Mosul fugitives.

The local authorities said that 22 camps were built in the province, 4 out of them for Syrian refuges, which comprised of 42.000 families, with population of 239.000 persons.

International source expect that the war of Mosul city will result in more than two million fugitives in the area.