Jubouri for the students of the Iraqis in Iran are obliged to follow up on the problems of citizens abroad and resolve

2016/8/21 14:46

[Where - Baghdad]

Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri said on Sunday, during a meeting with a number of Iraqi students in Iran that "we are obliged to follow up all the problems of citizens abroad and that solved our priorities."

A statement by the Office of the al-Jubouri, the Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that al-Jubouri said during a meeting that took place in the Iraqi embassy that "Iraq can overcome all the crises by taking advantage of the material and human potential, and that students and young people are big and decisive mighty power that can force to actively contribute to the service of the country and restore security and stability to him. "

"We are obliged to follow up on Iraqi issues and problems, whether they are inside or outside Iraq and find a quick and appropriate solutions to them because this is the real responsibility."

Jubouri also listened to the perceptions of students and their opinions and suggestions, and check out the main problems and ways to find appropriate solutions.