Implementation of death sentences for 36 convicted massacre Spyker presence of the Minister of Justice and the families of the victims

It revealed an official newspaper, Sunday, for the determination of the Ministry of Justice implementing the death sentences for 36 convicted massacre Spyker today in the presence of Minister Haidar al - Zamili and a number of families of the victims.
The newspaper " Al- Sabah" , citing a source in the Central Prison of Nasiriyah that "the Ministry of Justice and the prison administration will implement today hanged to death against 36 convicted terrorists involved killing and execution of Speicher Airbase students."
She added that " the execution will be attended by Justice Minister Haider al - Zamili and officials in local Dhi Qar government, in addition to a number of families of slain victims and the media , " pointing out that " the implementation of the death sentence comes after the acquisition have become final and the endorsement of the Federal Court of Cassation and the Presidency it."
The presidency announced Sunday (14 August 2016), President Fuad Masum authentication on all penalty provisions of the massacre Spyker, which was approved by the Court of Cassation.