Syrian army thwarts terrorist attack in the northern province of Hama

Dozens of terrorists to launch an attack using vehicles equipped Baldo_ka on the Syrian army positions in the center of glitter Alzlakiet in the northern region of the province of Hama in order to undermine the resistance in front of Aleppo forces ' positions.
And it managed the army and the forces of the Syrian National Defense in this axis to monitor the activities of terrorists and destroyed three cars Dushka a large number of the tanker cars military equipment targeting anti-tank missiles.
And a continuation of the process of dealing with terrorists and Syrian army units launched a counter - attack on their positions and killed and wounded dozens of people .
The terrorists forced in the end to pull out after taking such a heavy toll was foiled attack on the northern region in the province of Hama.
The existing terrorist groups in the north of the province of Hama organize their ranks during the past few days in preparation for the start of new operations in the plain area of the jungle.
In a related development , Russian warplanes launched strikes on terrorists ' positions in the villages of Maarkaba and Aellatmanh and Kafr Zita and Allhaaa and villages of the plain area of the jungle and the terrorists had inflicted heavy losses