Kirkuk receives the most senior US diplomat since 2003, and gives him a shield

Twilight News / received governor of Kirkuk, Najm al-Din Karim, the US ambassador in Iraq, Stuart Jones and consul general of Kurdistan province, Ken Gross, their accompanying delegation.
According to a statement of the province of Kirkuk, it was during the meeting discussed the overall political, security and military situation and the war on terrorists "Daesh" in Iraq, along with developments in the political and economic situation and the relationship between the Kurdistan Region and the federal government and its impact on Kirkuk. And gave Karim overview of developments in the province of Kirkuk, and the challenges faced by a private political side of depriving Kirkuk of the constitutional and legal right to the transfer of powers from the federal ministries and the impact on service delivery and alleviate the suffering of the citizens of Kirkuk and ongoing, stressing that the people of Kirkuk have been deprived of the two earlier sessions of the constitutional right to exercise choice of their representatives provincial council. He said he now repeated this sanctities and "we we confirmed our position and our hard not to deny the occurrence of a new order to ensure the exercise Alkaragokyin democratic and constitutional entitlement to which was confiscated again." He praised the governor of Kirkuk, during the meeting with the support of the international coalition forces, US-led forces in support Alپeshmrگh forces foiled all schemes "Daesh" terrorist to get closer to Kirkuk, which suffered the greatest defeats at the end of January 2015, noting that the police forces and the brave managed to continued sustainability of security and stability, despite the risks that surrounded Kirkuk after the cities and provinces Mhaddh the province under the control of the organization "Daesh" terrorist. And on the economic crisis afflicting the Kirkuk since mid-2013 in non-financial dues Exchange .. Karim stressed that this suffering weighed heavily on stop vital and important projects were Kirkuk has implemented part of it and planned for other projects, he said, adding that with these challenges endured Kirkuk burdens more of the 600,000 displaced people amid a lack of government support for them and the absence of a national project which guarantees the return of the liberated areas. With regard to the liberalization south of Kirkuk and west, the governor of Kirkuk new position calling for the Liberation of Hawija spend aspects of him from the control of terrorists and end the human tragedy against its citizens and eliminate the risk of "Daesh" terrorist where Astbab security and stability not only in Kirkuk but pan other provinces. He noted that the administration of Kirkuk, formed a cell before the start of editing operations areas south and west of Kirkuk to receive fleeing families and the creation of camps needed to be accommodated, and called for the activation of special committees with the reconstruction of liberated areas in order to speed the return of IDPs to their areas. For his part, praised the US ambassador in Iraq, the courage and bravery Alپeshmrگh forces to defeat the terrorists, "Daesh," Guo returned them effective for the elimination of terrorists in Iraq permanently. And across the Ambassador of the United States of America expressed support for the steps taken by the administration of Kirkuk in the face of crises for the purpose of continuing to provide services and support for the security forces, and expressed his understanding to the major challenges facing Kirkuk, and praising at the same time during the meeting, security and stability achieved there. Stewart Jones said the continued support of the international coalition forces in the areas of Alپeshmrگh backing and training. At the end of the meeting, the governor of Kirkuk province to shield feet Ambassador of United States in Iraq, in appreciation of his role and his work in the country.