Motionless supporter of the elements of reform

Author: Yasser incumbent

8/21/2016 0:00

The government is seeking to make a real economic reforms and targeted initially structural environment of the institutions in the right direction, and perhaps of the elements of the reform work on the issuance of legislations and laws binding.

It also requires action to cancel the decisions and legislation that are inconsistent with the spirit of the new laws to block some departments lagging and corrupt and stumping them and stick by including hamper reforms desired.

Do not even have gone the furthest by changing administrations in order to correct the proper managerial performance path to choose the government of a young administrations new specialized find where the ability to adapt to the reform requirements as the first step on the road to improve performance and correct the structural environment of the institutions.

On the other hand, the movement which witnessed by the new parliamentary committees, including the Finance Committee through her ​​meetings and new departments responsible for providing sources of income outside of oil revenue but also indicates its commitment to support the economic reform programs of the aforementioned. This new harmony , albeit indirectly between the government directives and initiatives of the financial and economic parliamentary committees will pour inevitably accelerate economic reform, how?

The government 's efforts have focused on the most important aspect in terms departments specialized chose to banks and other economic activities, taxation, customs, communications and other supporting financial institutions the resources of the budget and this is what will contribute to resolving the stalemate in economic activity.

Perhaps the parliamentary Finance Committee initiative Belkaadtha these stood on the main obstacles and challenges , including easier by legislation and approval of supporting the laws of economic activities and to achieve the goal.

Here lies the importance of harmony between the government directions and initiatives of parliament in the correct course of action institutions in order so we chose the movement in support of the elements of economic reform under the integrated program of reform legislation that document to the ground the column heading.