Liberal: a coalition of law "Disclaimer" from voting to approve the amnesty law

August 20, 2016 views 132

Treasures Media / Baghdad
Accused the MP for the Liberal bloc in Parliament of quitting the coalition of state law fudging about the agreement between the parties of the National Alliance for the vote on the amnesty law in the previous session, explaining that "the rule of law members were present at the coalition meeting before the hearing was agreed to vote on the adoption of amnesty General, adding that "we were surprised not to vote by state law without knowing the reasons at the time.

Zamili said in an interview with the Eastern satellite channel, and I followed "Treasures of the Media" that, of blocking the approval of the amnesty law by a coalition of state law, came to mislead the public opinion and mobilize against innocent prisoners, noting that "was not adopted because of a known political motives.

He noted that the "coalition of the law seen as a political matter rather than a humanist, pointing out that" the terms of the law does not allow murderers and terrorists Elmejrmyin and out of prisons.

The House of Representatives failed to pass last week's draft general amnesty law for not agreed upon and the withdrawal of deputies of the National Alliance of the meeting to the presence of notes on it.

Parliament voted only on three articles of the law, the author of 13 articles, and postponed a vote on the rest of the material at a hearing next Tuesday.

Announced Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said the government "will challenge the general amnesty law, if approved, with the changes made by the House of Representatives."