Mona Amiri: National Alliance sent signals and signs "Qoama" to hold a national conference
On: Saturday 21/04/2012 14:46

Baghdad (news) .. confirmed member bloc MP for the citizen / National Alliance / Mona Amiri, pending the submission of the mass-based Coalition and Iraqi Kurdistan last papers of the National Conference.

She said Amiri said in a statement (of the Agency news) on Saturday: no signs and the signs of "Qoama" of the National Alliance to hold a meeting of the Preparatory Committee and the National Congress, pointing out: The promoters have no intention of QNB to hold the meeting did not want his contract.

And suggested the National MP for: a meeting of the Committee during this week, adding: The National Alliance strongly supportive for the meeting, and that pending the submission of the national papers of others (the list of Iraq, the Kurdistan Alliance), in order to crystallize their positions to hold a national meeting.

Earlier, the leader of the State of Law Coalition MP / National Alliance / Khaled al-Asadi, a mass that will demand of the political blocs in the National Congress is expected to take place, the commitment to national partnership and not to the partners in the government and the role of the opposition at the same time, he (the news): The National Alliance demands similar to the demands of the Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance, a commitment to the Constitution and not try to jump it (no overtaking), as well as commitment to national partnership between the political blocs participating in the government and lack of exercise partners and play a role of the opposition at the same time. / Finished / 7. n. r /|en&tbb=1&ie=windows-1256