Economists offer proposals to increase the rates of development

8/20/2016 0:00

During the workshop was held in cooperation with the German Foundation

BAGHDAD - Hussein al - Tamimi Tgb

economists and Foundation Friedrich German Tammuz Organization for Development discuss economic policies to achieve social justice in Iraq , the mechanics of the distribution of wealth in a fair, put experts reform proposals promote economic reality and accelerate the process of development in important sectors that create wealth human eligible to work and healthy.

the workshop focused on the mechanisms of creating benefit for all segments of the community through the creation of conditions that contribute to the creation of real development and find recipes to the problems suffered by the Iraqi people , the treatment and the most important of unemployment and high poverty rates.

Vian Sheikh Ali head of Tammuz Organization for development activities of the workshop are kept opened light on the relationship between economic reform and specialized organizations were diagnosed dysfunction in the Iraqi economy and put the necessary processors so as to achieve benefits for the whole segments of society and thus raise the standard of living of the Iraqi family. workforce a very important topic be addressed for the first time cares about the poor classes that live below the poverty line, that 's what confirmed by the deputy head of the Baghdad economic Forum spokesman Ntoan said:

that Iraq is one of the richest countries of the world including possessed of riches, but needs a fair distribution of her, pointing to the importance that the private sector gets loans that contribute to economic development through small and medium enterprises and micro.

He noted that Iraq has lost a lot of the labor force because of the direction to adopt the ideas of migration, emphasizing the importance of reviewing the law of social security and the salaries of the private sector and the enactment of the retirement law covers all Iraqis working in the public and private sectors.

utensils Feller Chuck director Friedrich Foundation in Iraq and Jordan , said that Our presence in Iraq is aimed to address the challenges facing economic policy, pointing out that the basis of the work of their organization to find recipes to the problems suffered by the Iraqi people , the treatment and the most important of unemployment and high levels of poverty and other problems impressive proportions, as the institution is interested groups unions and mechanisms to achieve justice in the distribution of wealth among all members society, and its role in economic development sustainable. identity of the economy and economic head of Baghdad forum Vary Al Salman noted that the open - market economy has succeeded in the major industrial countries , the existence of organizations and systems control quality, pointing out that the open economy has not achieved the desired success in East Asia.

the student select the strategic objectives and where we aspire to reach, indicating the need to determine the identity of the Iraqi economy to be imposed on the owners of the decision, noting that each country safer nationally built in accordance with the pillars and has dimensions of food security, social and most important two in the building of this security , the social dimension and to achieve justice. fair wage impact of events experienced by the region on the reality of the economy dealt with Yusuf Ibrahim , director of the Iraq Programme in Friedrich Foundation and said that the topics we focus on in our work is the budget and taxes and tax incentives as well as the operating policies and fair wages, as well as the integration of young people at work, pointing out that all the important joints aims to achieve the well - being of society. He pointed to the effects of events in the region on the reality of the economy and the low level of implementation of all projects and the fear that is required of all economic processes, also addressed the role of the private sector , which is the engine of economic policies and access to social justice. the economic d expert.

The appearance of Mohammed Saleh stressed that social justice differed disruption of oil prices, noting that the CBI initiative represents a trend to bring back social justice and stressing the importance of finding a tribunal to deal Add 50 thousand young people into the labor force each year plans , representing the output of education. While among financial expert Majid picture importance of reviewing all the money linked to the preparation of the budget and its implementation, it is necessary to reconsider the tax system, where tax policy should be one of the tools of social justice.

Banking service either d. Khawla al - Asadi , director general of the Rafidain Bank has pointed out that social justice is recognized when the services and access them easily available, pointing out that the bank seeks to achieve social justice , access to banking service, indicating that the central initiative of the light did not see because of the fear of failure to achieve social justice until you reach amounts to the target. Adnan al- Saffar , head of the Federation of trade unions said:

«factor» both physically and intellectually make an effort, noting that the worker builds all cities and represents the foundation for any economic policy, noting that the legislation does not comply with the standards humanity.