Basra, unemployed youth are involved in electronic courses qualify to enter the "online trading"

2016/08/20 15:59

Long-Presse / Basra

It showed a competent company e-Macs, Saturday, ready to open training courses for young people in the province of Basra, to develop their abilities in the field of electronic commerce, and pointed out that the program aims to prepare a cadre experienced on buying and selling online operations, as called for Deputy for the province of Basra, local governments to "create special programs for the preparation of that slide and contain them to take advantage of their energies in building the country."

The chancellor said in the company (about the electronic horizon) Mehdi Algerian in an interview (range Press), "The organization (vision) of our company expressed willingness to open up development programs and training of young people, in the province of Basra, to enable them to e-commerce over the Internet," noting, "it could be a young shop around and selling and trading goods online, which will return financial returns on practicing the profession of electronic commerce."

He said the Algerian, "The project aims to develop the capabilities of young people at the present time and find jobs for them," adding that "this institution has contributed to finding about 60 jobs in Iraq of this kind through a training program on how to use the shopping and trading in goods over the Internet." .

For his part, MP from Basra Zaher al-Abadi province, in an interview with (long-Presse), that "young people today are suffering from a lack of projects that take on the advancement of their reality and develop their abilities in the absence of government initiative," calling "involved in this matter, including governments local to create appropriate conditions and to ensure the absorption of this important segment, and prepare them to be an effective part in the construction of the state and society in the future. "

Many complain of the young people and college graduates in the province of Basra from unemployment, lack of job opportunities in the presence of limited job opportunities in the oil sector and investment companies do not stop the huge numbers of jobless waiting for opportunities.