Deputy National: resolving disputes about law of accountability and justice and approval next Tuesday.

2016/8/20 15:04

{Baghdad: Euphrates News}

National Alliance mp Sadiq alluded, political agreement on contentious points on the draft law of accountability and justice.

He alluded, {Euphrates news}, "it was agreed between the political blocs and there is an intention to walk it with Amnesty Law next Tuesday."

"There are no disagreements about law and all been resolved and will be likely to vote next Tuesday.

Leading organisation was the National Alliance demanded during its meeting on August 1st, the House of representatives to deal professionally with the accountability and Justice Bill and supreme interests and rights of the victims of the toppled Baath justice in the implementation of this law.

The House was finished in 30 last July, for the second reading of the draft law of accountability and justice.

Are due to resume next Tuesday, routine meetings ended.