Iraq announces preliminary agreement with foreign companies to create new Habbaniya


The Governor of Anbar on Friday, the Narrator, Daryl on tentative agreement with American and Korean companies to create new Habbaniya on 40 million square metres of space in a way that investment, as revealed that the project will be implemented in stages and provides 10 000 jobs, he hoped to start the project next year and achieve lasting 10 years.

Daryl said Narrator on the sidelines of a Conference in the alternative headquarters to manage the Anbar, Baghdad, that "an agreement in principle with American and Korean companies during the recent visit to the United States and South Korea in March of this year, to create new Habbaniya investment", stating that "the city will be held on an area of 40 million square meters,

The narrator said, "the city will contain all the necessary services and facilities, and on several stages first industrial city", adding that "the project will provide 10 000 jobs.

The Narrator referred to the project, the largest in Iraq and beginning to urban renaissance starting in Anbar province, "hoping that" the project is direct during next year 2017, 10 years duration standing. "

The Chief said investing in Anbar Mahdi Saleh told Naumann (range), that "the first stage of the new Habbaniya building 17A housing units in the city, including all utilities", stating that "the second phase will include building 28A housing units on an area of six million square metres equipped accommodation for 171 thousand, while the third phase will include the construction of the village logistics (freight village) on nine million square meters of space.