Economical stresses dissemination of names of banks involved in corruption would expel foreign investor from Iraq


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Economic Affairs expert stressed peace smeisim, to publish the names of civil and economic figures banks and banking officials accused of corruption will reflect negatively on the banking sector and will contribute to expel foreign investor from the country and executed Iraqi citizen confidence.

Smeisim said that "some days ago published media lists the names of civil and economic figures banks and political leaders accused of smuggling money and washing, but affect negatively on the Iraqi financial market and the credibility of the sector and its workers, calling on the media to choose the transparency of economic information, the right to information and dissemination, as well as to the people and clients either Iraqis or non-Iraqis are aware and informed of what goes on in the banking sector."

Some media referred noted that competent American Financial Intelligence Department staff discovered 300 and Banking Corporation transfer and six suspicious Iraqi banks operate crime laundering noting that the Committee had reached Baghdad and staying at the American Embassy to uncover financial issues pertaining to the Iraqi Central Bank.

And Central Bank sources had warned of a collapse of credit status in Iraq if the US Embassy Commission informed the Iraqi Central Bank for the names of five or six Iraqi banks will freeze its work and forwarded to the courts and tribunals.