Immigration: mwacw 75 distribution of income among migrant women sitting in Karbala.

2016-08-20 10:51 a.m

Baghdad the balance of news

Ministry of immigration and displaced persons, distributed Saturday, 75 income-generating projects among migrant women in house of Karbala.

Central provinces Department Manager at circuit branches Amer Abbas in a statement to the Ministry received/balance of news, "the Ministry, distributed in Karbala province in cooperation with the Organization" renewing Iraq of "income-generating projects among 75 displaced women", pointing out that "distributed projects included a sewing project and draft a barbershop and food industries and cafeteria as well as shops selling domestic bread project".

He added, "the Ministry's branch to communicate in Babil province in cooperation with the Office of the High Commissioner for refugees and her partner organization" Islamic aid within the program "cache" sixth meal distributed financial grants between 31 displaced families as family members ", stating that" the number of beds from individual to three members included b 292 000, minimum and maximum grant of eight members over the grant amounted to 702 000 as well as choose families designated by a woman or a disabled through mobile teams have carried out By the International Rescue Committee irc. "

"The distribution to date included 536 displaced families through the instrument delivers for families with continuing the work of this program to cover the largest possible number of beneficiaries and to form multiple meals