26 billion dinars to complete major projects in Wasit and Diwaniya

20/8/2016 12:00 am

In efforts to improve services

Kut-Hassan AZAWI diwania Shahid Abbas rida al-Mosawi

Under the Government's efforts to upgrade the infrastructure reality to improve the services offered to citizens, the Cabinet has allocated $ 26 billion dinars to complete major projects in the provinces of Wasit and Diwaniya.

Allocation of funds

According to the statement, the Vice Governor of Wasit technical affairs engineer Rahman pleased
For «morning» Cabinet has allocated $ 6 billion dinars for the resumption of the sewer project spend Essaouira North Province, implemented by a Chinese company at a cost of 147 billion dinars, the Ministry of construction and municipal projects, having already stopped its work because of the financial crisis in the country.

He explained that the Prime Minister decided the regular meeting held Tuesday, Finance Ministry of construction and public municipalities eight billion d fire spread by six billion dinars to resume work on the draft and Essaouira, streams 2 billion dinars to complete some municipal services in the judiciary itself, including the work of a number of streets (paving).

Near completion

He said the company is pleased (cggc) Chinese managed to last the duration of completing more than 70 percent of the project which was transmitted in late 2013 by Ministry of municipalities and public works the duration of three years and one year maintenance period.

The project works include the preparation of engineering designs and materials processing and equipment for the implementation of civil, mechanical and electrical work, heavy rain and water networks, as well as the installation of the lift stations and pump head and tanker lines, installation and implementation of processing plants linked to an electronic control system depending on the design map.

Supporting dynamic sectors in Basra

Meanwhile, Wasit Council $ 150 million to support a number of vital sectors in the province. Spokesman of the President of the Council, Salah told the sword for «morning» that the Council decided to allocate $ 150 million to support health, education and roads and bridges, noting that monitoring of conservative support Fund funded border zurbatiya arena revenues. He noted that the amount distributed by 53 million dinars to treating the popular crowd who were injured during military operations to counter Blix gangs of satisfaction, as well as 50 million dinars to implement Mercy River Bridge connecting both sides of albesrokih in neighboring areas.

Referring to allocate $ 30 million for the maintenance of Al Zahra hospital in Kut, year five million other Dinar Al Kut cake boksnk in preparation for future benefits, like her support of sports leader Club, alongside three million dinars to contribute Wasit Festival short film international and two million dinars to treating six patients suffering from hepatitis and to rehabilitate one of the schools in the province.

Resumption of Diwaniyah streams project.

In the same regard, Media Coordinator for the Governor of Diwaniyah sue for «morning» Cabinet allocated $ 20 billion dinars to resume big bureaucracy streams project ressurect about 218 billion dinars.

The Cabinet approved a conservative request for that amount, saying the arrival of five billion dinars from the mentioned funds to banks Diwaniyah, expected to complete direct the remainder of the project over the next few days to revive Euphrates and chest regions I and II and civilization to complete final action before heading to other areas.