Meyssan: (iron fist) yield 225 arrest charged with criminal offences

Friday 19 August 2016-9:57 pm

The Brigade Commander on Rafidain operations aldboun, (iron fist) security in Maysan province during the past hours arrested 225 accused of various criminal material, including one involved in the deaths of 17 people during a dispute between a clan my clan alvertos walboali.

Aldboun said in a statement to radio Marbad, that involving the police forces of the provinces of Basra and Dhi Qar, as well as the guerrilla Brigade of the Iraqi army, as well as the QAR police forces will have a significant impact on the stability of the security situation in the province of Maysan and armed tribal conflict reduction occurring from time to time and killed innocent.

He added, that proved the ability of the security forces to restore security in Maysan governorate, forcing a number of involved during killings clan disputes to surrender to the security services.