Intruder: campaign parliamentary signatures to investigate the issue of genocide against minorities
17:26 pm (Baghdad time)
Baghdad balances News
Called MP Vian Dakhil, Friday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to take real pause, for the reconstruction of Sinjar, to pave the way for the return of the population living Living situation climatic and service difficult in the camps, after being subjected to killing and displacement and destruction in all respects he arrived in the captivity of women and the recruitment of children killed young men, in addition to the support of the international community in all levels.
She said an intruder in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, "Despite more than a year after the liberation of the judiciary, but the reconstruction campaign did not start and that the percentage mass to 85 percent, according to official estimates, and did not notice any serious step appear in the horizon by the government, for the initiative to reconstruction as a prelude to reassure parents and their return to eliminate the counties and villages, and the population is suffering from the difficult Aldharov which they live in the camps, we do not know how long the camps remain intact. "
The international community and appealed to "lend a helping hand and pressure on the Iraqi government, being responsible for the fund and plans re-liberated areas, and Yazidis, Sinjar won the biggest harm from the oppression and brutality of the terrorists, extremists, arrived to destroy the rights and genocide sons Yezidi religion, although we of old components in human history and we have positions in the history of mankind, and all countries must provide backing and aid to begin reconstruction of the steps followed by the return of the population and the rehabilitation of traumatized by the genocide. "
She drew an intruder that "we have a long road to reconstruction, stability and reconciliation, and to address the consequences of the remnants of extremist ideas, minorities historic ensure Iraq's future, despite our suffering and the killing and displacement and enchant thousands of our sons and our daughters and our children and our men, but we are struggling and steadfast on the misfortune that has befallen, did not witness history in the Iraq and the world of what happened from the oppression and women and children are still prisoners of the terrorist Daesh in Mosul and cities in Syria and do not know their fate, and everyone must believe in humanity and countries stand with us. "
She stressed, "We demand of the world, the United Nations and the European Union to put pressure on the Iraqi government, to develop a reconstruction of Sinjar district plan, with a plan for the stages of social and psychological rehabilitation, followed by reconciliation and self-determination than has been associated with and helped Daesh the criminal acts that were committed, to get rid of the wave and the history of Black and eliminate the generation and tragedy accumulated, nor give extremist culture to create segregation, and will not forgive at all from causing harm, murder and displacement that have no place among us. "
Confirmed intruder "began signatures campaign in Parliament, as well as through social networking sites in order to put pressure on the Iraqi government to join the Rome Convention system, and then to the International Criminal Court for investigation on the subject of genocide against minorities, especially against the Yazidis, and not Iraq's accession to the Rome Convention deprives Yazidis that documented what happened to them as genocide ".anthy