Start proceedings exchange 50% of the peasants and farmers dues

iews 51 08/19/2016

Ministry of Commerce announced on Thursday, to begin procedures 50% of the peasants and farmers marketers wheat crop dues Exchange for the last three years.

A statement from the Ministry of Commerce news agency Buratha received a copy of it today, that "the directives issued to the General Company for Grain Trade sites in Baghdad and the provinces to send statements own Palmsoukan for the years 2014.2015, 2016 during the envoy to the company's headquarters in order to complete the checks and sent to the Ministry of Finance."

"The ministry has prepared a special electronic system was distributed to all the provinces, during which all the required information placed by the Ministry of Finance for the purpose of speeding up the process of exchange and deliver benefits to the peasants marketers."

He pointed out that "obtaining official approvals for the disbursement of 50% of the dues to all farmers and peasants for the last three years," pointing to "the government's efforts in this aspect to ensure the participation of farmers and farming campaign supporting the national product."