German secret report reveals the support of Turkey, led by Erdogan, the Brotherhood and terrorism
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Berlin / Post-Raenich ZDF
Revealed is already prepared to disseminate information, and provided confidentially to the German Parliament, in the framework of the government 's response to a request for information made ​​by the parliamentary bloc of the party "left", that Ankara is cooperating for years with the Islamists from different directions, this information came in a special part briefed the parliamentarians Germans away from the media, revealing the role of Turkey , led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan , which has turned into " a central platform" for terrorist organizations in the Middle East.
While waiting for an official response from the Turkish government, it is expected that this report will cause after parts embarrassing leak, in the diplomatic climate between the deterioration Ankara and Berlin. The report, submitted by the Ministry of Interior, which the German foreign intelligence analysis is based, controversial at the domestic level in Germany as well as opposition accuses Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier, since the beginning of the refugee crisis is very conservative in making statements critical of Erdogan. According to a secret part respond the government to request the briefing, which relates to a question about the validity of the increasing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood after the inauguration of the AKP government in Turkey, that " as a result of internal and external policy Almtoslmh pursued by Ankara gradually since 2011, Turkey turned into a central platform for organizations Muslim in the Middle and Near East , "Oadha.omn most prominent indications that" the solidarity of the Turkish President, the justice and development Party with former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, and forward the support of the Muslim Brotherhood Egyptians, since assesses many of the leaders of the organization exiles currently in Turkey . "He adds report that served a lot , " the Muslim Brotherhood ( the Egyptians)" after "and sought in past years , the media their structure in Turkey, through a series of satellite television in particular, and run through a campaign against the current Egyptian government . " He explained the report that " the expressions of many solidarity and action support group Egypt 's Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and armed opposition groups in Syria by the ruling justice and development Party in Turkey, Turkey 's Erdogan and President, confirms that there is a convergence affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood ".uan report said the deputy head of the Green Party Konstantin von Knotts told the newspaper , " Mittal Deutsche Zeitung "German issued Wednesday:" If it actually estimate the government, the refugees agreement with Turkey and aid that billions of Erdogan, enter the circle of suspicion. " Her colleague in the party Umid Noribor he said in remarks to the newspaper "Raenich Post" German Wednesday: "This is a serious criticism, must be disclosed publicly and not just in documents classified" .utalb a foreign affairs expert at the Social Democratic Party , Rolf Motsnah told the newspaper "Frankfurter Rundschau" parliament familiarized themselves with that information, also criticized his counterpart in the Christian Democratic party Rodrah Kizfitr told the newspaper "Handelsblatt" information Interior Ministry 's policy, said: " I always recommended initially German foreign involvement in the assessments relating to foreign policy." the
German government said that a large part of the Islamists who have traveled to the end of last year from Germany to organize Daesh battles zones, descendants of assets Trkih.ujae in the government 's response to a request for information from the parliamentary bloc of the left Party , "according to the security authorities information about a quarter of the 760 Islamic Germany, or an Islamist from Germany, who traveled to the end of 2015 to Syria and Iraq, with Turkish citizenship, or descendants of Turkish origin ".oovq these data, a quarter of that number in response to the request of the briefing was about 190 Asalamaa.ovi 2016 and continued a number of Islamists who had traveled from Germany to areas controlled by organizing Daesh rising strongly.