Governor of Basra: no one has the right to punish others on behalf of forbidding evil

2016/8/18 18:21

{Basra: Euphrates news} security crisis cell Chief in Basra Governor Majid Nasraoui, arrest accused of targeting cafes and casinos in the governorate, explained that such targeting is a security challenge in Basra's lack of security technology you need to activate the draft security cameras and shield Basra and stressed that no one has the right to retribution from others in the name of virtue and prevention of Vice.

Nasraoui told reporters after an emergency meeting of security crisis cell, that "the security services arrested three suspects in those incidents which, in addition to the security challenge is pursuing accused as" boss "is being pursued to arrest him.

The existence of orders not to open cafes after 12 o'clock at night and directed security forces to take action against violators, but it really isn't anyone that performs "retribution" or punish others by the command name and forbidding what is evil to some phenomena which controls and laws, some dyed tries to give a religious framework, with such incidents confirmed the presence of security guards and intelligence to protect those cafes.

The meeting saw competent hosting company "shield" project and listen to the offer and for registering and tracking vehicles, stressing that "important" project contributes to control vehicles, noting that a meeting be held in mission control to accomplish the technical requirements and presented to the provincial Council in a week so his legal action to activate during the coming months and which will have a major impact on improving the reality of security.

The draft was discussed cameras to be completed and enter into force as Basra lacks security technology, dyed my clan conflicts were discussed drugs, revealing an enlarged Conference to that effect next week in the presence of the relevant authorities.

Nasraoui invited citizens to cooperate with security agencies and assist in security information to arrest rotations required to eliminate, explaining that arrests made of security elements corresponding to the criminals were killed during the raids have clashes.

Meanwhile, the Basra Operations Commander Lieutenant General Jamil Al-shammari, the importance of intelligence agencies take part in arresting those involved in targeting cafes after collecting information about them, asserting that their insecurity.

Shemmari denied the existence of any guide or legal justification to close the cafes and public places which was open to young people and is monitored by security agencies and not where it is said the prostitution or drug abuse.

There was progress in stages of arrest, drug file semi finishing of clan conflicts in Northern Basra phenomenon under continuing withdrawals.

Vowed in beatings with an iron hand anyone who tries to confuse conservative mode of security, in cooperation with the citizens activist urged security agencies and communicate via emergency numbers.

For his part, Basra Police Chief Major General Abdel Karim miyahi stepped out some pointing directly at her victories achieved by the popular crowd and security forces trying to take away the joy of victory to shake Basra under Denny.

And tribal conflicts file, issuance of the arrest warrant against 25 individuals from four families got in a fight with them.

To work around the previous security backlog in Basra in cooperation with great effort particularly effort from Basra shield cameras project, along with the information provided by the citizen and media support

** Basra is getting serious about security **