Freeing two villages south of Mosul, killing 32 daashia with various military cutouts

2016/5/8 13:11

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} joint operations command, edit the front village southwest of Saba full pockets of terrorist gangs South of Mosul, killing 32 daashia with various military cutouts.

According to a statement by the command received {Euphrates news} copy of it today to "driving forces liberalization completed the liberation of the village to the southwest of Saba full pockets of terrorist gangs."

He added that "in the Baghdad operations command carried out the commando Regiment force SWAT first, duty to inspect within Fallujah, resulting in finding the bomb carriers wheel type {pickup} inside a House, have been processed without mishap, and found {9} IED, and {60} shell homemade catapult, and {17} lined blow, and {4} {bearings} Launcher as engineering battalion field force SWAT first, address {63} IED in Fallujah cutter with engineering battalion was able to field {14} infantry cleared {20} houses and 5 km along the road and dug a trench along {60} meters, in Western Baghdad, while the conclusive force of the Brigade headquarters in northern Baghdad operations command {22} from executing duty in Tarmiyah resulted in finding a motorcycle bomb type {sattutaa} and the belt was detonated in situ under control without incident by the engineering effort in {11} infantry and address {3} explosive was planted on the side of the road. "

"How a managed to force the {23} Brigade band m Ah {17} in South Baghdad boycotted the implementation of inspection duty in an area where slaves were treated two explosive devices, without accident, stating that" pieces band 8: engineering battalion from Anbar Operations Division field engineering chart clean and inspect alhalabsh area of IEDs found 8 IEDs detonated under control. "

Within the operational command of the cutter "island detachment address belonging to the 7th Division field engineering battalion carried out effectively in the cupboard by cleansing process resulted in a 500 m-20 houses and bomb exploding {7} under control. With effective implemented by detachment address back to seventh in the field of engineering battalion band front area resulted in clearing the road 150 meters-3 houses and blowing up three explosive charges under control and Misc most effectively carried out by the force of the Brigade 37. engineering effort to return the band 16 in the alkhodah resulted in finding a 120 mm mortar {Lark 473-45 powder bag weighed {25} kg-20 bag material {C4} weighed {30} kg-17 glikan shaped packaging capacity {20 litres} in the same context Effectively implemented by the force of a brigade headquarters 28. detachment of 7th Division artillery prescriptive targeted terrorist bands in alksiriat area Saba injuring two terrorists and destroy enemy added-CDs-hardware generator. "

He noted that under the leadership of Cutter Tigris operations started the fifth band pieces and Diyala police execute search and RAID villages duty Celebi hearts bodgh-flower-cycle Abdul Hamid led the operation to find 6 bodgh road explosive detonated under control. "

The statement said "the Samarra operations command reception and validation by families belonging to yathrib in Samarra operations command cutter number families {16} family of {94} people in cooperation with the Commission.

"The Basra operational command carried out joint effectiveness by the force of the Basra operational command Commando Brigade-detachment in the Abbey Cloister intelligence}-alshramkhah area resulted in seizing BKC machine was delivered to the Intelligence Division, noting that" the air force carried out 8 sorties and skirmish with KINGAIR reconnaissance aviation carried out 20 sorties at all army breaker operations 6 combat sorties 14 sorties, with public transport do combat sortie 32 international coalition under the Northern cutter, {19} blow In Eastern ghalh killing {21} terrorists and destroy {mortar detachment different wheel wheel bomb-2-defensive position}, Nasser do {12} airstrike killing {11} terrorists and destroy {command-and-control center-weapons Depot-your Tower mortar detachment}.

"Coalition strikes also targeted a terrorist in the Islamic State to gangs ALPO Diab within Anbar operations destroying cutter {wheel-single machine}".