The amnesty law contained a proposal to purchase the remainder of the governed

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Baghdad/long press

The legal Committee, announced on Wednesday, on the most controversial points of consensus on the amnesty law. The Committee stressed a proposal to buy the rest of the sentence by eight thousand dinars for today for a third spent his sentence is one of the most important items on the general amnesty law for political program agreed between the political blocs to form the Iraqi Government in shahlr September of 2014.

A sound Committee Member said Shawqi, speaking to the (long press), "the amnesty law was first and second reading and has reached the stage of votes and will be included on the agenda of the House of representatives", stating that "the controversial issues of a retrial based on confidential informant and forced confessions are compatibility with that of these trials."

There is controversy about article 8 of the amnesty law that allows review of files the governed article 4 If terrorism claimed confessions by duress or because of a confidential informant. Paragraph 8 of the amnesty law of the Supreme Judicial Council formed a Central Committee oversees the subcommittees not less than 10 and not more than 15 of the Re investigation and prosecution of terrorist cases.

Adding a cluster member citizen "we take into account, inter alia, through the amnesty law, including legislation to merge the misdemeanours of social life on condition that they do not impact on society", noting that "crimes not covered by the amnesty law are offences against State security, terrorism and crimes of the previous regime and locations of drug trafficking and kidnapping that lead to kill people as well as homosexuality, incest, steal State funds and embezzlement".

And parties within the National Alliance fears that this loophole to release convicted terrorist acts through manipulating the investigation papers. Sound mp says Shawki "Legal Committee developed a proposal for a law that buys one-third spent the remainder of his sentence by eight thousand dinars per day," adding that "the Commission set a condition that the amnesty does not cover of an earlier amnesty law was covered, as we concede with the victim to be covered by the amnesty."

The House of representatives decided during its 12 first legislative term of the third legislative year, last Monday, postponing the vote on the amnesty law to next Tuesday, August 23, 2016, for lack of a quorum after the withdrawal of the majority of National Alliance blocks to protest some provisions of the Act.

In a related context, the Presidency denied Wednesday welcomed President Fouad Massoum issued pardon those involved subject diplomas. Media invited to verify the information before posting.

And the President's information Office said in a statement received Fouad Massoum (long press), "the information Office of the President of the Republic categorically denied the health news appeared on some social networking sites according to the rule of President Fouad Massoum welcomed a special pardon those involved in the subject of study certificates.

The Presidency said in a statement that it "has followed with interest the adults all demands and problems raised by citizens and officials, journalists and concerned to verify the information before posting service to truth and the Supreme National interests of the country."