Basra council approves the local Revenue Code

2016-08-18 10:10:07 | (Voice of Iraq) - Basra

Basra Governorate Council announced the ratification of the Bill of financial management and the local revenue of the province, in a regular session held on Wednesday, in what was considered Speaker morning Albzona the adoption of this law Banaklh quality towards administrative decentralization.

The head of the Council morning Albzona in a statement that the law , which has authenticated the day, is one of the important laws that concern Basra as it possesses significant financial and imports, excluding imports of oil and gas and some port companies , which is set to enact a special law to regulate them, and would contribute to the stability and economic imports of the province.

With regard to the amount of social benefits imposed on oil companies invested in Basra, announced Albzona issuing a recommendation to the Oil Ministry 's proposal includes a draft resolution calling for the allocation of 50 percent of the amount of five million dollars of the proceeds benefits of the training and development of young people in Basra.

On the other hand Albzona said that the recommendations made ​​by the Education Committee with regard to effective recycling departments work and settle teaching staffs and education, in preparation for the next academic year, has been postponed until the next meeting after the discussion, for the purpose cured.

Education cycled through the Angels and successful departments and teaching cadres preparations for next year Darsi, in addition to the postponement of the subject of the powers to reverse the book.