Finalize the Edit plan connector

2016-08-18 at 13:29

Baghdad scales news

Joint operations command completed, finalizing the plan edit Mosul terrorist Islamic State to gangs control.

He said driving bumper to balance news, that "combined operations is preparing for an attack on the connector completely and completed the final touches on its plan to free the city from the gangs of ISIS.

"The battle will not be conventional and final editing completed plan and there's a big buildup to start the zero hour and break into the connector", stating that "forces area south of Mosul fell militarily not only left its status."

The source said F16 fighter squadron "prowling the skies over Mosul and destroy nests and affiliate sites also are being displayed is flag reconnaissance operations," pointing out that "according to the intelligence that reached us syndicates ISIS infected with fear and panic."

Speaking for the balance of the news/counterterrorism Commander Lieutenant General Abdul Ghani al-Asadi, Thursday, the end of the first page of the Edit process forces hand, pointing out that 900 yards separating military units from the district Center was