Parliamentary integrity: Iraq set the size and location of contraband and money the Government did not want to retrieve it

2016-08-18 at 13:00

Special balance news

Parliamentary integrity Commission said Wednesday, Iraq's need for an international investigation to recover I Fund it smuggled abroad, indicating that the control set the size and location of the smuggled money abroad but the Government is not serious about restoring

He said the Committee's Deputy Adel Nouri, l/balance of news, that "Iraq needs an international investigative views or procedural device as well as cooperation with Interpol to arrest the corrupt and Estrada for smuggled money abroad."

He added that "the Government put special devices on banks to reveal their accounts and prosecuted to recover funds, as well as the need to create understandings between nations of the world in this field.

And that "Iraqi regulators determined the size and location of funds smuggled into emerging but the Government is not serious in its action to recover it."

Nouri stressed the need to "do the sessions and workshops, the training and development of Iraqi personnel to benefit from international experience.

Committee member, called for the Prime Minister to cancel the specialized Iraqi authorities of the integrity and the Parliamentary Committee on integrity and financial control and public inspectors offices, in the absence of conviction work.