Agreement on the twinning of Basra with the Kuwaiti capital

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News local government announced in the province of Basra, its agreement with Kuwait on the twinning of the province with the Kuwaiti capital, Kuwait {}.

According to a statement of the province and the Euphrates News Agency {} it received a copy of "A delegation from the Government of Basra visited Kuwait and met with Emir of Kuwait and the Kuwaiti prime minister and interior ministers and the Amiri Diwan Affairs as well as the governors of the capital and Farwaniya."

He said the "talks have yielded positive results at all levels, notably twinning the province of Basra with the Kuwaiti capital of the province and the agreement with the management on ways to enhance bilateral cooperation in the economic and cultural aspects."

"The Emir of Kuwait instructed to monitor the amount of money for the completion of service projects in Basra to support the rebuilding will be built with the money University in Zubair, a hospital than a hundred beds in the district of the city as well as a conference hall in the city center."

He pointed to "the adoption of the Kuwaiti Chamber of Commerce set up an investment conference in Kuwait at the end of the month Nofber {} November of this year to display the available investment opportunities in Basra."

It announced the statement about "obtaining the approval of the Kuwaiti Minister of Interior to facilitate the granting of visas to members of the Basra Chamber of Commerce and businessmen across the Kuwaiti consulate to maintain the exclusion of Iraqi and Kuwaiti diplomats from its procedures measures."

He pointed to agree on "the formation of a joint committee between the perpetrators of Safwan, Iraq, and Abdali Kuwait that will meet periodically to exchange of information and coordination in order to preserve the security of the two countries, as well as the agreement to form a bilateral committee between Basra and Kuwait for the entry of visitors to the holy sites, especially in times of religious events."

He stressed the keenness of the "Government of Basra on the follow-up and activation of what was agreed upon in the interest of the two peoples."

The governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui, on Saturday visited Kuwait and met during the visit, Amir of Kuwait and Kuwaiti Prime Minister and a number of officials Alkwytien.anthy