Shamkhani assure Fayyad victories achieved in Iraq as a result of interest in local self possibilities

2016/8/17 17:15


The Secretary of the Supreme Council for National Security Ali Shamkhani to Iraqi national security adviser Faleh al-Fayad that "successive victories achieved by the Iraqi army and the forces of the popular crowd in the fight against terrorism takfiri relentlessly, was the result of interest in local self possibilities of establishing security and stability in Iraq."

He Fayad Shamkhani during a meeting Tuesday in Tehran, appreciated Iran's stances in support of his country in the fight against "Daesh."

He added that "Iraq is sensitive about the practices that disturb the negative and interventions on the part of some countries and their embassies, and respond firmly to any attempt to destabilize the security or the division of Iraq."

Shamkhani stressed that "the continuing victories achieved by the Iraqi army and the popular crowd in the face of terrorism takfiri and the marked improvement in the security situation in Iraq, have provided ground for the promotion of economic and trade relations between Tehran and Baghdad as strategic partners."

He pointed to "the need to speed up the revitalization of the Joint Coordinating Committee for the implementation of the border treaty between Iran and Iraq," explaining that "the revitalization of this Committee and the settlement of outstanding issues would perform an influential role in the economic prosperity in the border areas between the two countries and the development of border trade ties between Iran and Iraq."

He added that "Iran will continue the broad consultative cooperation and provide assistance to the Iraqi and Syrian governments aimed at the total elimination of the dangers of terrorist sedition in the region."