Ja'afari confirms the importance of reopening the Turkish Consulate in Basra.

2016/8/17 16:15

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari on Wednesday on the importance of reopening the Turkish Consulate in Basra.

Jaafari's Office said in a statement received {Euphrates news} copy of it, "Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jaafari in Turkey's Ambassador met with Farouk kaimkgi Iraq, during the meeting to review the progress of bilateral ties between Baghdad and Ankara, the evolution of the war against gangs of ISIS, the evolution of events in Turkey recently, the importance of coordination and cooperation in fighting terrorism and extremism file."

During the meeting, Jaafari stressed "activate conventions, notes she saw understanding between the two countries to strengthen relations in the interests of both countries, reaffirmed the importance of the withdrawal of Turkish forces from Iraqi territory."

He noted the importance of "the reopening of the Turkish Consulate in Basra because of its significant impact on increasing the volume of trade, and strengthen relations", in advance thank ye Iraq Government "to support Turkey in a file included in the list of world heritage sites, and support and provide the necessary humanitarian supplies to displaced families in Turkey, responding to re-ghayes electricity to Basra."

For his part reaffirmed Turkey's Ambassador to Iraq Farouq kaimkgi main Yeh cooperation in all areas to enhance relations and fighting terrorism in advance thank the Turkish Government for Iraq because his attitude toward the coup attempt in Turkey, adding that Jaafari was one of the first foreign ministers who called, stood next to the Turkish people and the democratic experience.