Iraq expects 2 m. Iranian religious pilgrims in September, 2016

Wednesday, August 17, 2016 5:03 AM

Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink:

Iraqi Tourism Department expected the arrival of 2 million religious
pilgrims to Iraqi Shiite holy shrines in September next.

The fare of the Iraqi visa will be made 40 dollars per person, the sources added.

Officially, it was agreed that there will be no person will be admitted into the Iraqi soil without the visa in order to get additional revenues to the Iraqi budget, the department declared.

On the other side, the Iraqi authorities stressed that border regulations should be enhanced, but the problem is "how to control the influx of the Iranian pilgrims?".

The Iraqi visas shall be granted starting from 23 September, 2016, the sources disclosed.

Yesterday, Iran declared that it intends sending more than 2 million Iranians during the coming holy religious ceremonies, which is an increase of about 400.000 persons from the past year.

Last year witnessed the storming of about half a million Shiite Iranian pilgrims into the Iraqi borders without visas after breaking all barricades and the delay of the procedures of permitting them to enter.

The coming month's annual religious anniversary's ceremonies are important to Shiite components all over the work where the people used to walk from their destinations to holy city of Karbala.

The people used to annually commemorate the martyrdom of the third Shiite Imam, al-Hussein, the grandson of Prophet Mohammed.