Frankincense: Union forces trying to include Hashimi general amnesty and directed by terrorists

2016/8/17 11:30

[Oan- special]

A member of the legal committee in Parliament MP for the National Alliance, said Iraqi forces union is trying to include convicted Tareq al-Hashemi, a general amnesty law, and directed by terrorists from prison, "he said.

According frankincense told all of Iraq [where], "Everyone agreed on the need to approve the amnesty law and directed in prison from hovering around semi innocence and this is categorically not bidding it, but unfortunately there are those who deny that and play around with words."

"We are keen to not come out, who in March of terrorism and Owghal with the blood of Iraqis to go out and released and acquitted and benefitting from a pardon and someone is trying to drive out the terrorists addresses different, despite the fact that everyone says we are not with out terrorists, but the expansion in some paragraphs of the law leaves room for the exit."

He frankincense "We take care of the enactment of the terrorist does not implement it, which as we learned that Daesh leaders are graduates of the previous amnesty and returned to commit a crime and we are keen not to fire them."

He noted, "We have agreed on the wording of the law, but unfortunately you get changes in it, and in the Federation of Iraqi forces in the Liberal bloc trying to approval of the law more expanded," adding that "the Sadrist movement has the prisoners and we believe Bmazlomah many of whom are in prison because they have the occupation before the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq , Voojdna paragraph remove both resisted the occupier that would not be terrorists Unfortunately shoveled forces Union this word, and they said that would not be the princes of the terrorists, which means that a terrorist does not recognize that the Prince released, and this distinction even in terrorism and we intercepted it and went out of the hall parliament because of him. "

He continued, "We have agreed on the text of the National Alliance in the presence of the Liberal bloc but coalition forces said that the survival recipe terrorism means no out a pardon They are all accused of terrorism for it to be determined princes of terrorism."

He said the National Alliance MP "They also tried to include amnesty did not kill and leave the handicap which all of the blowing and you get an ordinary wounds of the victim or of the funding, or harbored terrorists, all of them include recently pardon and we did not agree to these amendments, and we put the word initiate criminal action may be post a willingness to do any of the stages of the criminal has a willing to do criminal healed and we accepted it. "

He stressed that "the calls for national reconciliation through this law and these amendments we say we are with reconciliation but do you want to take out the terrorists?!, The Union of Forces denies this and do not accept they came out."

He argued, "If we want to re-trial for the defendants, it will include amnesty until Tareq al-Hashemi, and convicted of the crime Spyker simply claim that he had been convicted of pressure in the investigation and trial, and this means an end to the work of the judiciary in the previous period."

Said chewing gum "If the powers the Union wants to pardon this formula does not accept it and we say maybe there are innocent people in prison, amnesty is liable to precipitate what overlooked the elimination of Justice and to give a chance to those who Ngrr by" explaining "Touselona to some solutions in the law, but others Agironha in the final moments ".

"We are with the exception of some groups in the law to protect the Iraqi people and we reject the expansion of material regarding the inclusion of the terrorists, and asked for the separation of the provisions of terrorism from the other provisions and call the law and come out covered prisoners the rest of the material and then we discuss later in the issue of terrorism, but they refused the proposal and we disagree now in the inclusion of only terrorists ".

The MP said the National Alliance: "If the Iraqi people, the terrorists wanted to come out of the prison let's go to the other opinion and if he wants to prevent them from leaving it must abide by the look of the National Alliance and the phrase, loyal subject."

The House of Representatives has decided in its meeting on Monday to postpone the vote on the draft general amnesty law for not agreed upon and the withdrawal of deputies of the National Alliance for the presence of notes on it.

Parliament voted only on three articles of the law, the author of 13 articles.

And threatened Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi yesterday stabbed a government-in-law "if passed with the changes made by the House of Representatives."

The Iraqi Central Criminal Court issued four judgments previously executed and another to life imprisonment in absentia against Tariq al-Hashemi in a number of crimes committed with members of his protection.